Villa Mimi (former Villa Batory) is located in the center of Osijek, on Radićeva street no. 23. Until World War II, it was a private sanatorium, and after 1945 and until 1998, the villa was an orthopedic hospital, when the owner, Clinical Hospital Osijek, closed it and abandoned it, and the villa was rapidly deteriorated for twenty years.  

Since 2019, the sole (1/1) owner of the villa is the company Vicus d.o.o.  

The complete renovation and reconstruction of the villa was completed in April 2022. The entire space is prepared in such a way that it meets the usual minimum technical conditions for the business of companies, offices, teaching centers, etc., but also special conditions required by the Ministry of Health necessary for the business of medical institutions such as clinics/polyclinics, surgeries and laboratories.

The villa has a reception, three entrances/exits, an elevator and a platform for the disabled, toilets for the staff and especially for guests and special toilets for the disabled. 


  • Unique location in the center of Osijek 

  • Large green surrounding area
  • Own parking space 

  • Close to all city facilities
  • Excellent connection to all parts of the city (tram, bus, low-cost taxi)
  • Connection by highways with places in the Republic of Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Serbia 

  • A multipurpose space  

  • Possibility to adjust the space according to the needs of the user 

  • Modern interior on four floors full of daylight 

  • Fan coil system for central heating and cooling 

  • Security, 24 x 7 video surveillance and control center

  • IT structure, Wi fi 

If you are interested in renting, we offer you a five-year contract:

  • for the first three months, the rental price is HRK 1/month (one kuna per month) 

  • for the next three months, the rental price is 50% of the agreed price 

  • for the next six months, ie. until the end of the first year of the lease, the price is 70% of the contracted price


If you are interested please send an e-mail at